About us

Behind ''Nordic Chefs'' is a team consisting of three people having a great and wholehearted interest in food - especially gourmet food. Together we are managing five big and constantly growing Instagram pages. We are using our pages to promote and present anything that moves inside the culinary world of gourmet for you or to you. We are also working hard to expand our website and facebook-page to be able to give you more and better information and even special advantages. Support and join us now by subscribing here.



Nicolai Damgaard Nielsen

Nicolai is the primary person behind the Instagram pages @gourmetzfood and our newest ''member'' to the ''family'' @european_chefs. He is a passionate amateur chef that finds great inspiration visiting restaurants. Nicolai is our main contact-person.


Thomas Axelsen

Thomas is the primary person behind our two biggest Instagram pages @simplistic_food and @thafoodheaven. He is our so-called Instagram-geek and he has many years of experience in growing big (500k +) Instagram pages organically. Thomas knows how social media works.


Jeanett Djarling

Jeanett is the primary person behind the Instagram page @nordic_chefs. She is a foodie by heart, loves cooking, taking pictures of food and she even enjoys eating it as well.  Jeanett is the admin of our website.