Dining-experience at Era Ora in Copenhagen

Last friday team 'Nordic Chefs' had the pleasure of dining at One-star Michelin Restaurant Era Ora in Copenhagen. Era Ora is the only Italian restaurant in Denmark with a Michelin star and they've had it and been able to keep it for more than a decade!

When we stepped into Era Ora the first thing that came to our minds was: oldschool! What? Yes! Not in a negative way though. We kinda felt like we stepped back in time or even stepped into a ''movie set'' - we were suddenly a part of a Italian theatre. We were seated at a very beautiful 100+ year old wooden-table which only added to this rustic theatre-like feeling. Royal feeling even! Absolutely beautiful. We did certainly enjoy the atmosphere at Era Ora. The warm and friendly service - stories about the food and wine - only made our experience even better. Oh and the wine - a chapter of its own - very, very good wine!

We were treated with Era Ora's ''COMPLETO'' September menu. The menu started off with four snacks: langoustine, monk fish, watermelon and malt bread with ''salsa tonnata''. After the snacks we were presented to dishes of black seabass, San Marzano tomato, risotto with red prawns from Mazara Del Vallo, black pork, grilled dry aged beef, a cheese dessert, a cleanser and a dessert with hazelnut, figs and ricotta cheese ice-cream. The ''COMPLETO'' dining experience ended with a cup of coffee and some lovely petit fours. A lot of well-presented food and amazing wines. Since we're not food critics, nor trying to be, we will not go into further detail about the food. We love food - all kinds, all cuisines - and we were very pleased. Our overall experience at Era Ora was positive and we had a lovely night! Thank you, Era Ora!