Winemakers Dinner at Restaurant Jordnær in Gentofte, Denmark

Saturday the 16'th of September team 'Nordic Chefs' were invited to Winemakers Dinner at Restaurant Jordnær in Gentofte (close to Copenhagen), Denmark.  We were there to enjoy the 5 course menu and the paired wine, but also to cover the arrangement via stories on our Instagram profiles. Maybe you saw them?

Head chef Eric Vildgaard and restaurant manager Tina Kragh is behind the newly opened Restaurant Jordnær. A beautiful and modern restaurant serving the freshest of the freshest local produce - inspired by both the french and the nordic cuisine. Since the restaurants' opening in April 2017 they've received a lot of great reviews and they're in our opinion all well deserved. The food and the service at Restaurant Jordnær is excellent. Simple as that!

The Winemakers Dinner was arranged by Restaurant Jordnær, Anne-Charlotte Bachas from Chateau de la Font du Loup and wine-distributor EmilieVin. The enthusiastic Anne-Charlotte Bachas was there to tell about the wine and the wine castle. Quite interesting!

At the welcoming we were given a glass of wine and a snack: oysters. Afterwards we were seated to enjoy the 5 course menu consisting of turbot, duck, pigeon, aged comté and a fresh wild blueberry dessert. All beautifully presented and very well tasting. Especially the aged comté with a creamy morel sauce, crisp bread and dried mulberries gave you a punch of taste and was a great element of surprise. The wine was also good and worked well - adding to the total experience. Team 'Nordic Chefs' left satisfied and happy! 

Thank you for a lovely night, Restaurant Jordnær!