Dinning experience at GAGGAN in Bangkok

Recently we were invited to the iconic Indian restaurant ''Gaggan'' in Bangkok to experience their 25 course emoji-menu sitting at the chefs table. An opportunity of a lifetime that we couldn't say no to!

The restaurant is run by the famous indian chef Gaggan Anand and is voted nr. 1 in Asia's 50 best Restaurants and 7'th best worldwide. Recently the MICHELIN guide also came to Thailand and ''Gaggan'' were given not only one, but two stars. Congratulations!

At ''Gaggan'' we were initially given a list of 25 emoji's so that each dish came as a surprise. Such a fun, different and relaxed way to present a menu. Chef Gaggan is very much inspired by the memories of his childhood - Indian streetfood - which means most of the 25 dishes were actually finger-foods. There were even a dish called ''Lick it up'' that you're supposed to, as the name states, lick up! All this to the tones of the American hard rock band Kiss' song: ''Lick it up''. Now that's a first!
While we were enjoying dishes consisting of everything from spherified yoghurt explosions, sea-urchin, goats-brain, eggplant cookies, chilly chili bonbon's, banana chicken-liver, fish granola, thai green curry, uncooked scallop curry, sheek kebab, foie gras, sushi, lobster dosa's, beetroot roses, mango saffron chewars and last but not least ''minion'' lemon cheese cakes on a stick chef Gaggan Anand lively told us the stories of his childhood memories which just added an extra plus to the overall great experience. Everything presented was beautiful, tastefull and most delicious.

Thank you, Gaggan Anand - for a most memorable night and unique dining experience at your beautiful restaurant in Bangkok! We will definitely come back one day.