A tip sag roadie with thin costline and extra mutz

Pizza - The all time italian course

A tip sag roadie with thin coastline and extra mutz.
Translates to a slice of pizza on the go, with toppings all the way to the crust, extra mozzarella with the tip pointing down, from the extra cheese on top. More pizza-slang? Click here.

Of course, todays subject is pizza! We are starting all the way from dough to the basil to top it all off.

Before we get to the recipes, tips and tricks, we need to know a little more about this delicious thing.


The history

The first pizza-like food was actually made in Sardinia, Italy more than 7.000 years ago, where a flat bread was baked on large stones over fire.
Next time we hear about the flatbread is in ancient Greece, where the Greeks was making flatbread with toppings, like onions, garlic and herbs. The pizza-like bread then remain as so, until the 6th century BC, when Persian troops also started making flatbread with cheese and dates on top, more like the pizza today.
Then in the 16th century, when the tomatoes was first brought from America to Europe, in poor Naples, Italy, they began putting tomatoes on their flatbread. Then the pizza we know it today was created.
In WW ll the pizzas popularity gained, when soldiers stationed in Naples got a taste for it and brought it back home to their native countries.
On June 11th, 1889, the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created the Pizza Margherita to honor the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. A pizza garnished in the colors of Italy, red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil on top.

The dough

The dough can be made as preferred, thick, thin, soft or crunchy. We like it thin and crisp. The dough we are making is very versatile though, so it may be used for various editions of the pizza.
Most importantly, the Tipo 00 flour. This is a special Italian flour that is grinded and refined after Italian tradition, which is even finer than regular flour. Because Tipo 00 is so finely grinded, it gives elasticity to the dough, making it easier to shape and giving it a crispier crust.

See our recipe here.

The tomato sauce

The most essential part for it to actually be a pizza, is the tomatoes. If you read the story about pizza at the top, you would know, that until the sauce was added, it was just called flatbread with toppings.
For this level of fine dining, we would not go for anything less than a mother sauce, sauce tomat.
Of course you can go for less and add your own herbs, garlic and spices (remember to let it cook for a while - At least 20 min).

See our recipe here.

The toppings

The Margherita


Sauce tomat
Fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil

This one is pretty straight forward, as we are starting by spreading out the sauce tomat all over the pizza to about 1,5 cm from the edge. Now bake the pizza 3-4 minutes in the bottom of you oven or using a pizza stone for the extra crispy element. Then shred the fresh mozzarella and pour it on the pizza with a touch of love. Remember that even though we love cheese, do not use too much, as the moist from it will wet the pizza, making it a dull experience. Now bake the pizza and top it of with some fresh basil before serving. do not add the basil before baking, since it will loose its potensy.

Artichoke and chicken


Sauce tomat
75g Shredded chicken
75g Artichoke hearts
25g Green olives, halfed
25g Feta cheese
1 tablespoon of oregano

Once again we are starting out by spreading out our sauce tomat, but for this one, into a VERY thin layer. It just need to round the flavor. Spread out the rest of the ingredients evenly and top of with the oregano. Bake it and drizzle with a little splash of your best olive oil.

Prosciutto and black olives


Sauce tomat
75g Prosciutto, sliced
25g Black olives
25g Rocket leaves
Fresh mozzarella

Start with spreading out the sauce tomat and baking the pizza for 3-4 minutes. Then shred the mozzarella and spread it out, together with the black olives. When baked lay on the prosciutto, and rocket leaves with a drizzle of pesto ( we prefere homemade). Be careful with the pesto since its powerful taste can easily take over from the rest.