A friend of a lifetime - the cast iron skillet

A friend of a lifetime - the cast iron skillet

The cast iron skillet will follow you for a lifetime, if well taken care of.
Here are some tips and tricks to take care of this wonderful tool. What it is an Cast iron skillet and why you most definitely should own one.

What is an cast iron?

Most modern day skillet are made from aluminium with some form of coating, for example Teflon, to make sure the food does not stick to it when cooked. Others may be made from cobber or stainless steel, all with pros and cons.
The cast iron skillet is made from pig iron and steel heated to 1.500 degrees C. The mass in then poured into sand made molds to form the skillets. Compared to other frying pans the iron skillet is way cheaper and last way longer.In order to do that, it needs to be taken well care of. Cast iron weighs a lot more then regular pans, so for your own sake, remember to handle it evenly with both arms.
The cast iron skillet may be a little slower heating up than regular frying pans, but when heated it may retain consistent temperature longer time. It is cast in a single piece, hence you will not have any problems with a loose handle. Because of its durability, some barkers even resell up till 100 year old pans.

Now you may have heard that everything sticks to an iron skillet, and it will, unless you take well care of it.

Show your skillet some love

When you get your new iron cast skillet, most companies will have pre-seasoned for you. This seasoning may be adequate for some, but to make sure it does not stick, give it a little extra.
Seasoning/ curing the cast iron is done by pouring a little oil into the pan and wiping it all over the pan with some paper towel. When that is done, you “bake“ the pan in the oven or on the stove until the oil starts smoking a bit, where the carbonization takes place. This creates a polymer bond, which created a the nonstick ability. The more “silkier“ the surface gets, the better it will be for releasing food.

What is it good for?

It’s ability to retain heat makes the cast iron skillet the perfect weapon in the kitchen. It can even go into the oven and is great if you: bake, broil, frying, roasting and stewing. Most of all, the cast iron skillet is perfect for frying protein, like a steak or scallops.

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