The Michelin guide award show – resumé

The Michelin guide award show – resumé

Luckily the Nordic Chefs were able to attend this year’s great show.

It was a wonderful evening filled with stars, great chefs and some delicious food.


Gwendal Poullennec:

“The 6th edition of the Nordic Guide yet again adds several new restaurants. Our inspectors are continuously finding new restaurants, while following the evolvement of already established kitchens. The north offers something unique. The diversity and ambitious evolvement of the restaurants, are making the Nordic countries to something special for food lovers all over the world. Not only are the chefs evolving techniques and abilities, they too are leading the way to reduce food waste and focusing on local and plant-based ingredients. “


A resumé of the stars awarded.


3 new 2-stared restaurants

NOMA, Copenhagen, got their 2 stars back after being closed for a period of time, due to moving to a new location.
Gastrologik, Stockholm, Sweden, too got their 2nd star.

And finally, KOKS, Faroe Islands, with chef Poul Andrias Zisca got their 2nd too, Poul was also rewarded with the title as “Michelin Nordic Guide Young Chef 2019” for his passion, creativity and technically capabilities.


4 new restaurants on the list

Alouette, Copenhagen, Denmark

Palace, Helsinki, Finland

FAGN and Credo, both from Trondheim, Norway. Credo were also awarded “Michelin Nordic Guide Sustainability award 2019”


Henne Kirkeby kro received this year’s new award “Michelin Nordic Guide Welcome & Service”