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Bacalao, blue mussels & parsley sauce by Poul Andrias Ziska from Restaurant KOKS

Bacalao, blue mussels & parsley sauce by Poul Andrias Ziska from Restaurant KOKS

Restaurant KOKS is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the Faroe Islands. Known for its innovative approach to cuisine, KOKS has become a destination for food enthusiasts from around the world.

The cuisine at KOKS is deeply rooted in the Faroese landscape, offering an innovative take on traditional Faroese culinary practices. The restaurant is famous for using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients from the surrounding land and sea. This includes fermented lamb, seafood, and even locally foraged plants, all served in unique and creative ways. The restaurant aims to offer a gastronomic experience that communicates the Faroese culture and culinary traditions while challenging the boundaries of the fine dining world.

Bacalao (Salted Cod Fish)

  1. Begin by thoroughly rinsing the salt from the bacalao fillet and then cleaning it.
  2. Divide the fillet into pieces, each weighing approximately 40 grams.
  3. Place these pieces into a large container and fill it with water.
  4. Let the fish soak in the water for a full day, refreshing the water every four hours.
  5. After the 24-hour period, steam a portion of the bacalao to check its texture. It should be both flaky and silky, with a slight saltiness. If it hasn’t achieved this texture yet, extend the soaking process by another 4, 8, or 12 hours.

Blue Mussels with Black Garlic

  1. Take some black garlic and process it in a food processor until you have a smooth puree. If the garlic is too dry, add a splash of water.
  2. Steam your blue mussels for a few minutes until they open up, then let them cool down.
  3. Once cooled, open and clean the mussels before covering them in the black garlic puree.

Parsley Sauce

  1. Gather your ingredients: 100g spinach puree, 100g parsley puree, 100g parsley oil, 15g water, 7g white wine vinegar, 2g salt, 0.5g xanthan gum, and 500g mussel stock.
  2. Add all the ingredients, except for the mussel stock and parsley oil, to a food processor.
  3. Blend these ingredients together, adding just enough mussel stock to facilitate the process and achieve a smooth puree.
  4. After that, add in the rest of the mussel stock.
  5. Finally, slowly incorporate the parsley oil into the mixture.

Photo credit : Restaurant KOKS

Restaurant : Restaurant Jordnær

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