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Champagne and Caviar dinner at Restaurant Jordnær, Gentofte

Champagne and Caviar dinner at Restaurant Jordnær, Gentofte

Restaurant Jordnær in Gentofte hosts a unique champagne and Caviar dining experience in co-operation with ''Taittinger Champagne'' and ''Gastro Unika'' on wednesday the 7'th of February 2018 starting at 6:30 pm.

''Taittinger Champagne'' was founded in 1734 and is one of the few houses left in Champagne that is still family-owned. Today the house is run by Pierre Emmanuel and his two children Clovis and Vitalie. Top quality and respect for traditions are highly prioritized. ''Champagne Taittinger'' owns 288 hectares of vineyards in the best area of Champagne. This ensures a steady supply of grapes in top quality for the production of their delicate, well-balanced champagnes. Taittinger's cellars are located under St. Nicaise Monastery, which in the 13th century belonged to the Benedictines-monks.

''Gastrounika-Caviar'' is one of the few suppliers that can deliver caviar without the use of additives - only salt added. The caviar comes from a sustainable farm In Belgium where the sturgeons are held both outdoors and indoors. The composition of the food they are given corresponds to what the sturgeons lives from in the Caspian Sea.

Restaurant Jordnær have put together a menu with Royal Belgian Osietra, Platinum and Beluga Caviar and 6 Taittinger Champagnes:

Oysters - Horseradish - Kohlrabi
Royal Belgian Osietra Caviar - Cucumber - CF 48%
Beluga Caviar - Walnut-icecream
Brut Reserve NV

5 Courses
Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar - Cauliflower - Salted cream 50%
- Prélude Grand Cru NV

Smoked Lumpfish - Crispy Chicken - Lumpfish Roe
- Prestige rosé NV

Turbot - Beurre blanc - Ramson
- Les Folies de la Marquetterie NV

Bresse-Chicken - Truffle - Celery
- Vintage 2009

Blue mold 1924 - Caramelized figs
- Comtes de Champagne 2006

The price per person 1,250 DKR (168 EUR or 205 USD)

There is limited seats available so the booking is binding! Hurry up and get your seat by contacting Restaurant Jordnær at or on +45 22408020

See you there!