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Nordic Chefs Double Buñuelos Rosette Iron

191,99 $


Our Buñuelos rosette is specifically designed for creating crispy snacks. Durable, simple to clean, and user-friendly, it ensures perfection with every use.

The stainless steel handles from Nordic Chefs offers an easy-to-change head for different shapes to attach, with unlimited possibilities

Size per head: 6,5 cm wide x 1,3 cm height Weight: 0,042 Kg
Material: Aluminium

Size per handle: 43,7 cm length 10,5 cm height 0,143 Kg
Material: Stainless Steel

*High demand has extended our delivery estimate to 14-20 days, but rest assured, we’re striving to deliver sooner.

Additional information

Weight 0,500 kg
Dimensions 6,5 × 1,3 cm


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