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Nordic Chefs – Spherification Spoon – Jet Black

28,99 $


Introducing the Nordic Chefs Stainless Steel Spoon, expertly designed to handle delicate spherified “caviar” and “ravioli” with precision and ease. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this spoon allows for the gentle transfer of spherified liquids, without causing any harm to their delicate structure.

Whether you’re working with tiny “caviar” pearls or larger spherified “ravioli,” this versatile spoon is up to the task, ensuring that your culinary creations maintain their perfect shape and texture.

With the Nordic Chefs Stainless Steel Spoon, you can confidently handle spherified liquids without worrying about damaging them, making it an essential tool for any kitchen striving to achieve excellence in molecular gastronomy.

* When clearned, this should only be washed under warm water ( Stainless Steel may scratch if not handlede with care )


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