Poul Andrias Ziska - Restaurant KOKS - Garnatálg við ræstum fiski


New recipe up from Poul Andrias Ziska from the 1 star michelin restaurant. Restaurant KOKS

Fermented lamb tallow cream
250 g sour cream
250 g cream cheese
250 g garnatálg (fermented lamb tallow)

- Melt the tallow and roast in in a pot for 1 min.
- Strain the tallow and leave it to cool down to room temperature
- Mix it with the cheese and cream and whisk until fluffy
- Keep in a piping bag in the fridge.

Cheese cracker
100 g soft butter
250 g cheese
250 g flour
4 g salt
60 g water

- Blitz the butter and cheese in a thermomix
- Transfer the mixture to the kitchen aid and add the rest of ingredients. mix until you get a
- Roll the dough out until 2mm and punch it out with a cutting ring 33mm in dia. cm.
- Bake at 140 degree Celsius for 20 min
- Leave to cool and keep in an airtight container.

Fermented cod fish
- Clean the fish vacuum pack it and cook for 20 min at 50 degree Celsius
- Freeze the fish. When frozen grate it and keep in the freezer.
- Pipe the fermented tallow crème on the cheese cracker
- Add the fermented fish
- Leave out for one min. for the fish to defreeze