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What do we do?





Nordic Chefs has combined 15 years of branding experience.  Branding is many things on Instagram which leads to different approach for each clients. Our job is to identify and differentiates a product from other products. This is only possible by following the newest trends on social media.

Most companys doesn't 

know where to start branding their business. Do you hire a person who run your social media?

 Do you hire a photographer who can take pictures, to put on your social media? And what about #?

Nordic Chefs does it all, at a low cost.   

How do you want to express your business through social media? Should you use pictures, video or just pure information for the potential customer to see?

Nordic Chefs helps you design your own business and give it the expression you want.  

By using Nordic Chefs followers and our big network,  our pages become a perfect place to promote your business. We are "foodie" specialists with an exclusive insight in instagram.

We promote everything within the Gourmet industry. Restaurants, food events, chefs and Suppliers.

Nordic Chefs has over 2,9 million followers

By posting pictures & movies from all over the world Nordic Chefs has made a name for it self both in the Nordic countries, USA & Asia