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Rosette/Croustade Iron

1.199,95 DKK
Having the right tools is just as important in the sweet as in the savory kitchen. Because regardless of whether you are making desserts and baking at home or in a professional kitchen, it is largely about precision and perfection

Marie Havnø Frank

Cookbook author & self-taught pastry chef, “Ice Cream Queen” & Influencerl

Crispy Croustade/Buñuelos Snacks by Nicky Arendtsen

Crispy Croustade/Buñuelo by Nicky Arendtsen. Ingredients for Nicky Arentsen’s Crispy Batter. We...
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Nectarine & Black lime Cheesecake by Camilla Jesholt Buffatti

Nectarine & Black lime Cheesecake by Camilla Jesholt Buffatti. Who is Camilla Jesholt Buffati. From...
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Wontons with chicken and greens by Nina Hede

Who is Nina Hede. Most of you know her as Nina from Masterchef 2020, but her experience with food and...
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Strawberry and Lemon Parfait by Mikkeline "Smovs" Rasmussen

Whisk egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla until light and fluffy. Soak gelatine in cold water. Whip the cream...
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